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Kittens leave the cattery no earlier than 3.5 months. At the time of sale, the babies are vaccinated, progistogenic, adapted. 

To reserve a kitten, the buyer makes a deposit of 50% of the cost of the animal. From this moment on, the kitten is considered reserved.

 Making a deposit confirms that the Owner understands, agrees and accepts all the terms of this Public Offer Agreement.




sold under the following conditions:

1. The kitten is sold
Cost .....................................
A deposit of 50% of the cost of the animal is taken to reserve a kitten. In case of refusal from a kitten, the deposit is non-refundable.
Shipping costs are paid separately.

2. The "breeder" guarantees the health of the animal at the time of sale. The admissions committee of the club makes decisions on controversial issues based on the conclusion of the veterinarian.
3. In case of improper care of the animal, the "breeder" does not guarantee the success of the animal in its manifestations and its reproductive ability.
4. The breeder undertakes to replace the kitten with another animal of the breeding class in case of revealing genetic defects in the kitten of the breeding class before reaching the age of one year. The "owner" is obliged to provide medical reports, as well as photos and videos where he is clearly visible and says that genetic inheritance is to blame.
5. The "owner" agrees upon receiving a kitten to withstand 14 days of quarantine separately from other animals.
6. In case of dissatisfaction with the purchased animal, the animal can be returned to the "breeder". The amount paid for the animal is non-refundable.
7. A kitten may not be resold, rented or transferred to another person or cattery without the written consent of the breeder.
8. The animal must mate only inside the cattery, with cats / cats belonging to the owner. Any mating "to the side" is prohibited.
9. The "owner" must pick up the kitten no later than 5 months of age, the maintenance of the kitten from the breeder is paid additionally.
10. The "owner" guarantees free maintenance of the animal in an apartment, house or aviary without a free exit.
11. The animal will regularly (once a year) undergo revaccination "Host" against panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, herpes virus, calcivirus, as well as dermatoses.
12. The "owner" undertakes to use the animal in breeding activities in accordance with the breeding rules of the club. The tribal committee of the club makes decisions on controversial issues.
13. It is forbidden to sell kittens of this animal of the first generation to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

The contract for the sale and purchase of a kitten / cat / cat is drawn up in two copies.